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by Mike

Jeff grew up working on a turkey farm. No lie. I worked with him years ago. He used to tell us these glorious battle stories: him against the dreaded turkey, fiercest of all on god’s green earth. No lie. His eyes would get wild, and a fever pitch would creep into his voice and he would impart on us these tales that would undoubtedly give us the knowledge that could one day save us. About how he would stride, fearless, warrior like, through the throngs of these killer beasts. This situation would surely send a lesser man to his grave. No lie. But not Jeff, oh no, he alone possessed the knowledge, the cunning, the – dare I say – heroism, to dispatch this worthy adversary to the next world. No lie.

Words that Would fight back if you pushed them into a locker

by Mike

• axiom
• scimitar
• swarthy
• quasar
• musk
• exacerbate