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Greens for Philip · 2006-02-01

by Sam

Philip liked to eat his greens
though he ate them very slowly.

His mom would get upset sometimes
She’d say “Philip, holy moley!”

Philip wouldn’t listen though,
He’d just chew and smile and munch.

He loved snow peas and broccoli
and ate asperagus at every lunch.

Lunch would stretch right into dinner
and dinner was a late affair.

Once, he even fell asleep
while sitting in his chair.

When his mom came downstairs
to find him there, face down last night’s kale,

she said “enough’s enough, this can’t go on!
you eat just like a snail!”

His mom was concerned that he was moving too slow
so she gave him a bowl of hot fudge.

He took a big gulp and his eyes went aglow
but years of greens made his limbs tough to budge

Fudge was the answer though Philip still yearned
for a spinach and green bean buffet

So his mom compromised and now every night
she makes him chocolate and okra souffle

Natty Oh you!