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Justine and Just Earl · 2005-09-05

by Sam

Ages ago there was a sweet girl
who lived with a cat whose name was Just Earl.
The girl was Justine and her hair was quite curly.
Just Earl would claw it and make the girl surly.
She’d snap at the cat
“Stop being a brat!”
Then Just Earl would delight her by chasing a rat.
This contented Justine, as the rats were quite mean.
They’d hide in her closet and then make her scream.
She loved the mad cat with all of her heart;
She loved him the best because he was smart.
Sometimes at night Just Earl would go hunting
but he’d always be sneaky and not just confronting.
He’d trick the rats into playing a game
that would lower their defenses and make them go tame.
He’d get them to sit at a table and play
Texas Hold’em and Uno and sometimes Bouré.
He’d let the rats win and make them feel happy
and then while they’re giggling his teeth would go snappy.
Justine and Just Earl lived happy indeed.
They needed only each other, on this they agreed.

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