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(Shiver) Ye Booty · 2005-09-12

by Sam

Yo ho ho let’s see some hooks in the air!
Motherfuckers scream as I bring the despair.
Maxin’ on the poopdeck till the sun goes down.
Jolly rogger flappin as we’re plundering your town.

Came across a scallywag punk-ass bitch
Thought he was my matey, turned out he was a snitch
Walk the plank! I told the scurvy dog
His life ended quick as he walked into the fog.

There once was a guy,
who shot me in the thigh,
gave me a peg-leg and then he stabbed me in the eye

A sailor I are,
I navigate by star
With no depth perception I’ll still punch you in the ARRRRRRrrrr!!!!......


Yo ho ho and a bottle fulla rum
Pour some for my homies that got torn up by the Huns.

Yo ho ho and a bottle fulla beer
I’ll punch you in the belly and then chop off your ear.

Yo ho ho on a dead man’s chest
Keep a lookout for some booty in the old crow’s nest

Yo ho ho it’s a pirate’s life for me
I pillage in the village and I fuck the bourgeoisie!

Keeping the Peace Time