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Time · 2005-09-19

by Sam

          I aged three days yesterday. I did it to impress a girl. We both wore black as we walked into the movie theater. Her hair was dark and shoulder length but it was thin and you could see the frame of her glasses and most of her ear from the side. We saw some movie about a guy and a boat and a girl and a love and there was a subplot too. Everything was great until we got to the restaurant. It was then that she announced that I wasn’t the man for her. She said I was too soft and boring. I told her I thought she might be wrong. She said I didn’t look at her when she spoke, only at the ground. I told her I loved her shoes and legs. She said we were too alike; she needed someone who could impress her with knowledge only learned though age and experience. Right then I aged three days. It did nothing for her. She claimed she couldn’t tell the difference. My beard was thicker and my fingernails were definitely a little longer but she insisted I was lying. She touched my shoulder, pulled my chin up and looked into my eyes and told me that we were no more. I tried to get really old but nothing happened. I’d lost my power to age at will and it cost me the love of a girl with thin hair.

(Shiver) Ye Booty Fall tree pinhole