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Sam is a frantic piece of juice. More often than before, he wore orange. If it were up to us we’d release. His lack of grace makes the other one less noticeable. Round and round he goes. “Fruit” does not adequately describe him; “Confidential” does not properly sway his needs. Later this year he will knock over a bank and call the event a “funnytime consortium of ideas beyond the mechanical equivalent of robot gods”.
Here are some of his most recent articles:
Oh you! Greens for Philip Natty Field

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Alexander may just be the only remaining sandwich in the fridge. Lots of swarthy men have lost their shimmy due to him. Orchards may never cease. Affordability came close to having its way with Alexander that one time, he would never repent. All of his children are in Mexico. If you were to take Alexander and press him up against a wall it would already be too late. Few people know his pants, and even fewer share his panache. All hail the challenge of motion. Nobody left the building.
Here are some of his most recent articles:
Chefs Salad Twixt Greens

Fortitude, Mike! Ageless are his possessions and round is his lust. Forget for a moment that you are forgiven. We will never quite cherish a tall drink of water like this. It were a mighty force that could rouse a bustle out of him, but it ne’re did a lick o’ good. He summers on the Cape with his typewriter and a very old bottle of Scotch. Always pining the way a man could be, it wouldn’t have made a difference. Such is the way of Mike, never before and once again it will likely be. But don’t let him fool you – He’s one tough goat.
Here are some of his most recent articles:
Siesta Words that Would fight back if you pushed them into a locker Jeff